Jim Hudson Lexus


Lexus RX330 is Perfect!
I have to say the Lexus 330 is PERFECT for some one who may have a  little of a mobility challenged situation. I am so thankful that I have that car. I just love it.
It is if I am floating on air and most importantly, I feel very safe. I can't go all day but to get to point A to B has been so easy and I attribute that to the car's comfort and stability of the ride.
Excellent Service
Our service visit was excellent, loaner car was very nice and our car was completed on time as it has always been. We continue to be impressed with Jim Hudson Lexus service but even more so with a vehicle that has required nothing but routine service throughout the 29 months we have had it. We look forward to selecting another Lexus when our lease is up in a few months.
Customer Service Makes a Difference

I cannot tell you how impressed I was with my last service experience. I was driving my daughter to school, and my tire went flat. Frank Gibbs, Jr. stopped to offer help, and I advised that I was already calling road side assistance. He insisted to deliver customer service on the spot! He changed my tire before Chris could even get there...and I was on my way in 15-20 minutes flat. I was SO GRATEFUL and VERY impressed. Frank was rushing to get to work by 8 am to meet another customer, but he wanted to help. Talk about "beyond job description" service delivery..... Many parents going to EDS and others commuting down Walton saw this whole thing. I am sure it spoke volumes regarding customer service and our local Lexus dealership. I got so many phone calls of people who were so impressive. Frank was in dress paints, his Lexus golf shirt, and didn't mind getting onto the ground for a customer. He said he doesn't like to ever see a Lexus "cubside"! Thank you for 100% satisfaction on this visit. Frank even took the flat tire in his car to be mounted. The warranty covered my tire. WOW!

Just Passing Through
I have been traveling to Augusta to the Masters for 30+ years. Twice in recent years I have needed minor maintence on my GS300 while in town. Last week I stopped by the dealership and was waited on by Randy Spoon. Without an appointment he replaced a burned out bulb within minutes. I would like to thank Randy for going out of his way to put me back on the road with a little more safety than I came in with.
Once again you should be proud of Randy and the service department and how welcome they make total strangers feel.
Lexus LX470 Owner
I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that I have had the best customer service expercience in years with Alex Alva. A few years ago my wife and I bought a used LX 470 and we have been treated so well that I wanted to make sure that he was recognized.  I will not be able to describe how many different times he has gone above and beyond for us in such a short note, and so I would prefer that someone call me to give him the credit he deserves.
Kudos to Paul
I appreciate your follow-up.  PR, i.e. company policy and your responsibility with nice words sounding nice, but it's certainly not the norm in today's world.  And...courtesy travels both ways.  I appreciate your follow-up.
My first contact with Jim Hudson Lexus came from recommendations of current Lexus owners.  However, words are cheap--actions tell the truth.  When the two don't match words...slick words &/or gasbag bluster are of little value...except it reveals shell-game untruths.I came to Jim Hudson Lexus because of service reputation...as well as product dependability...not resale/trade-in values.  This reply to your email query & to Paul Faust is a `thank you' for standing behind Lexus'  given-word...a real mark of the true professional.  In our respective professions a person's/business's word is the real measure of a firm/employee(s).
 Paul FAUST deserves a hearty `well done' way beyond the ordinary `doing his job'.  His suggestions, thoroughness & attentiveness to the details made it seem effortless.  Most certainly, Paul could not have made happen this outstanding example of Jim Hudson Lexus service to customer(s) without the dealership standing behind him.  Nevertheless--it was done smooth, efficient & thorough.
 Kudos of `well-done ' to Paul Faust & Jim Hudson Lexus. IKH